Operose Manufacturing to Acquire 3D-CNC

Frederick, CO—Operose Manufacturing, a Colorado-based corporation, completes the acquisition of 3-D CNC, based in Hutchinson, Minnesota, on December 28, 2018. With the complementary services provided by these two companies, the combination will result in the ability to enhance high-tech services offered by both companies and expand capacity to meet the growing demand for US-based manufacturing.

Operose Manufacturing currently provides precision CNC machined parts with multi-axis programming and machining technologies as well as automated production. The added services provided by 3-D CNC will include 5 axis Wire EDM, Sinker EDM, CNC grinding, heat treating, and product/assembly design. “Although this is technically an acquisition, we view the combination as a merger. Given the complementary nature of the two businesses, we expect additional job opportunities and look forward to providing more innovation and new technology for our clients, while becoming a full-service manufacturer capable of taking products from conception to fully-automated production,” said Tyler Stilson, President of Operose Manufacturing.  Both companies are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Operose Manufacturing and 3D CNC utilize lean manufacturing processes to design, program, and manufacture parts efficiently and effectively, delivering precision parts to companies across a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, cutlery, medical, oil and gas, optical technology, defense, fitness, and semiconductor equipment.

About Operose: Operose was founded by Tyler Stilson in Frederick, CO just before the financial crisis in 2007 and has been able to grow consistently by delivering high quality products across a broad range of industries.  Operose has built a culture that is driven by communication, innovation, integrity and accountability.

About 3-D CNC: 3-D was founded in 1989 by good friends, Robert Malone and Randy Dague.  They focused on being able to support customer needs in areas of prototyping and product development, precision tooling to support production requirements, and short run precision component manufacturing.  It is staffed with highly technical, quality orientated employees, serving customers in Asia and throughout the United States.