Tyler Stilson

C1064 Operose-074President
Tyler loves to build things. To make an idea a reality. And that shows in what he does every day. As the leader of this motley crew, Tyler has used his 24 years of machining experience to build a business based on partnerships with customers vs. simply being a vendor. Tyler has led Operose on a path to reinvent small business manufacturing by committing to investment in people and technology, both in Colorado and Minnesota.

  • 24 years of machining experience
  • 22 years programming in GibbsCAM
  • 14 years of breaking all the rules

Adam Loomis

Production Manager
Adam is the face of Operose, and his role is to ensure the timely production of parts. He manages the schedule, the crew, programs parts and runs cool machines. Not a bad gig. His 10 years of management experience along with his steady demeanor make for a great working environment and his commitment to perfection make for great parts.  Adam can be contacted at aloomis@operosemfg.com

Adam Hoeye

Adam Hoeye, another Adam affectionately referred to as Hoeye, is a key member of the Operose team and has been with us since 2012. His positive attitude and infectious smile are things we have come to count on every day. And did I mention, he loves to run big machines? Definitely a plus. Thanks for being you Adam!

Christian Weitzel

Christian Weitzel joined the Operose family while still in high school, and in a very short time has made himself an invaluable member of the team. There is no job too big or small (quite literally) for Christian to handle, and his positive attitude makes him the ultimate team player. Thanks for all that you do Christian!

Calvin Bergman

Calvin Bergman also joined us while he was still in high school, but moved out of state for a while—until he realized he missed us too much. He is one of the most capable and motivated machinists with a “can-do” attitude that never quits. We’re ecstatic to have you back!

Rohn Stilson

Rohn Stilson is our resident “jack of all trades” at Operose, as we have yet to find a problem that Rohn isn’t willing to take a stab at. Whether it is a difficult part or fixing a compressor, he is up for the challenge. Thanks Rohn!

Spencer Stilson

Spencer Stilson is working for us during the summer before classes begin at CU. We are hoping to talk him into working part time during the school year, or putting school on the back burner and focusing on his stellar career here at Operose. Love having you here Spencer!