Tyler Stilson

C1064 Operose-074President
Tyler loves to build things. To make an idea a reality. And that shows in what he does every day. As the leader of this motley crew, Tyler has used his 20 years of machining experience to build a business based on partnerships with his customers vs. simply being a vendor. Whether it is recognizing areas of improvement in the design of a part, or ways to cut machining times to save customers money, he is always looking for ways to get the job done better and more efficiently.

  • 18 years of machining experience
  • 16 years programming in GibbsCAM
  • ISO 9001:2008 Internal Audit Certified
  • Lean Manufacturing Certified
  • Theory of Constraints Certified
  • 10 years of solid modeling experience
  • 16 years in manufacturing management

Craig Pearson

Quality Manager
If you are a current customer of Operose, you know Craig well. He is not only the one that quotes parts, but is the face of Operose at all levels. He works with and sources vendors for materials and outsourcing, he co-manages the Operose schedule and, in all of his spare time, is the ISO quality manager. Craig is easily bribed to ensure timely delivery of parts – Burgers, Snarfs and/or greens fees at the local golf course will work! Contact Craig at cpearson@operosemfg.com

Adam Loomis

Production Manager
Adam’s role is to ensure the timely production of parts. He co-manages the schedule, programs parts and runs cool machines. Not a bad gig. His 10 years of management experience along with his steady demeanor make for a great working environment and his commitment to perfection make for great parts.  Adam can be contacted at aloomis@operosemfg.com

Sara Stilson

C1064 Operose-075-EditVP of Sales & Marketing
Sara’s role, in a nutshell, is to simply stay out of the shop and bring in new customers. She brings her 19 years of Sales and Marketing experience to Operose to spread the word about what we are doing and identify companies to partner with.